xXb was born from a passion for extreme sports, including Wakeboarding by a group of friends on May 2012 .

Wakeboarding is a new surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water, attached to the riders feet by binding, designed properly to provide balance and to perform various air tricks e.g jumps.

It was developed from a combination of water skiing and snowboarding. In the last few years it has been growing in popularity with individuals seeking a sport who have a thirst for adrenaline

This Discipline can be performed in two ways, The rider is usually towed behind a motorboat, or the rider can also be towed by a cable systems similar to the one used in a ski resort

The cable system represents a new generation sport structure that gives value to the area by providing benefit in the community where it is located. furthermore the relation between tourism and sport could amplify the event by given economical benefit, social and visibility for the whole of Sicily considering that this is the first Wakeboarding cable park in the south of Italy.